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Coming This Fall!

So excited to share my newest project that will be released this Fall!!!

Raising Kids To Understand Consent

A Parent's Guide to Incorporating Consent into Everyday Living With Children of All Ages

This book gives parents the knowledge and tools to raise children who understand consent. Consent education is sexual assault prevention. By incorporating consent into everyday living with your children, you will teaching children how to voice their own boundaries, recognize and respect the boundaries of others and how to handle situations of disrespect when involving an adult or person of authority.

Want to join our BOOK LAUNCH TEAM? We need your support! Join our team and receive a free copy of this book prior to release. Share opinions on Cover Design and know that you are helping to educate children on how to stay safe and respect others.

If you can commit to reading the book and sharing your honest opinion with us, click here to join our mission!

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