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It Takes a Village

In my attempt to get my book in front of as many people as possible, I have stepped out of my comfort zone and asked for help. I enlisted the help of inspiring women in my life or from my childhood and I asked for nothing more than honest feedback. The support I received was incredible. I'd love to say thank you to those women who give my mom a run for her money when it comes to being my biggest fan! Cheryl, Izzie, Emily, Kate, and Clare have especially shared their love for me while I was attempting to push my book and share my message. I have always said that saving even just one child from the pains of assault or abuse is enough. These women, along with the constant cheerleading of my mother, have made sure my book has the potential to do that and more. Thank you, ladies!


Izzie Chea

Longtime friend and Music Extraordinaire. Izzie has been amazing me with her talent since we were children. During quarantine, she offered piano lessons on youtube to inspire creativity amid a global pandemic. Follow her on Facebook or watch on YouTube. If you don't love her within minutes, then you might not be human!


Miss Cheryl

As early as kindergarten, I can remember Cheryl ready to laugh and entertain. Her blog is no different. Y'all Behave showcases the adventures of a Supernanny. Her love of reading and desire for life jumps off the page. Take a look and I dare you not to enjoy yourself! Follow her blog or check her out on Facebook.


Kate Taylor

Doula and Creative Childbirth Consultant, I have only known Kate a few years, but her love of mindful-parenting shines through with every interaction. Kate advocates for the use of music therapy during childbirth as a so to impact not only the birthing mother but also shapes the birthing environment. Read more about this method here.


Cousin Clare

Some friendships are found while others come with your marriage. Clare and I became fast friends when I married her cousin so many years ago. She always lights up a room and her landscape design skills ensure that your outdoors are glowing as well. Clare, founder of Flourish Together, excels in therapeutic design and landscaping in order to create meaningful connections to the world around you. To learn more about the breath-taking spaces Clare has helped to created, visit Flourish Together or follow her on facebook.

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