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Maybe He's Not A Puppet

Unless you are smack dab in the middle of a social media sabbatical, you are well aware that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are stepping down as senior members of the royal family. The announcement came this week and, although we don’t know all the details, it seems that the pair are distancing themselves from royal duties and attempting to attain financial independence to give little Archie a more “normal” upbringing. Not sure what “normal” looks like for the grandson of Princess Diana but maybe start by giving the little guy a last name.

While royalty is still reeling from this unexpected announcement, the internet-gods are having a field day placing blame and making jokes about the news. Popular opinion falls in line with the narrative that Meghan Markle was behind this drastic change.

After all, this probably was the American’s plan all along; Infiltrate and steal a prince. She works quickly…

Why it is easier to believe that Meghan is just a controlling wife rather than believing that Harry is prioritizing his wife and son before his royal duties?

Here's an idea. Just this once we could try something new and NOT blame the wife when a couple decides what is best for their family. Let’s try assuming that maybe she didn’t force him to step down from his royal duties. Maybe he is now a husband and a father and has decided these roles are more important than that of the Duke of Sussex. Is it so hard to imagine that a man could ever pick his family over the obligations that he was born into? As a society, we expect men to lead the family but jump to blame the wife when leading that family steers him in any new direction.

"Well he never had an issue with it before he married her."

Yes, he also probably never bought tampons or spent New Year’s Eve in his living room before he had kids either. Things change when you are married or become a father. Priorities shift and boundaries move, not necessarily because she forced him.

As a wife, and a daughter-in-law, I know how hard it can be to play the bad guy when tough choices need to be made. I know how it feels to be seen as the catalyst for the changes seen in a man after he begins a family of his own. But don’t we want our sons to protect his family to the best of his ability? Aren’t we hoping he prioritizes his wife and children above all else? Isn’t this what we are modeling when we are raising boys to be men? Teaching him to lead his family, protect his children and honor his wife. So let's give him the opportunity to say 'no' without painting her as the villain. Let's support our sons/husbands/fathers by perceiving their actions as strong and protective, rather than being a mere puppet of his wife.

In my opinion, this is exactly what Harry has decided to do. I look at Meghan and Archie and think how lucky they are to have a man who wants to be a husband/father more than he wants to be in line to be king. Well done, Harry. Your mother would be proud.

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