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The Person That I Am

Over the last several months, I have been given the platform to share my ideas and my story through podcasts, blogs and live streams in an attempt to educate and enlighten others on the topic of consent and victim advocacy. This has become a calling of mine and I'm overjoyed to feel as if I am able to channel my feelings to create positive change. I truly believe this is just the beginning and I'm blessed to have the opportunity to speak about what I'm passionate about.

For more than a decade I have been silently fighting an internal battle between being vocal about my experiences and not wanting to ruffle any feathers. But as I stared down the latter half of my thirties, and reflected on the idea that this is the only life I get, I have stepped out from "being comfortable" and chose a path in which I now feel "useful." I am overjoyed to share my work with anyone who is inclined to listen and I am thrilled by the idea that anyone would enjoy or find these ideas helpful.

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In this episode, Lauren answers these questions: 1. How does the topic of consent differ from the "Sex Talk"?

2. When should parents start conversations about consent? 3. How is consent more than "no means no"?

and more!


When we are raising kids, we hope that we give them the tools they need to grow up to be safe, yet it seems like teaching kids about consent and boundaries is a challenge. But, it doesn't have to be! This week we sit down with the author of "Raising Kids to Understand Consent", Lauren Carlson to discuss what parents can do over the course of their child's life to help them understand boundaries.


Think about when you had “the sex talk” with your parents. What age were you? Did you even HAVE one? Or was it left to the schools, your friends, or even researching the internet to learn about the birds and the bees? Think about your current or future children for a minute – do you have a plan to talk with them, and if so, at what age. What would you think if someone told you it might be a good idea to start earlier than you think? In this episode, author Lauren Carlson addresses this and the bigger issue that this is only a small part of - consent.


This is the podcast about all the things that we're told not to discuss in polite company. On this 2 part episode, I speak with Lauren Carlson, the author of "My body is my own," a children's book about teaching kids boundaries. Don't miss listening to this, especially if you are a parent. One thing you will learn is how to spot red flags.

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