Consent For Kids TEACHER EDITION: Grade K-2

Consent For Kids TEACHER EDITION: Grade K-2


This Teacher Edition is to be paired with the student workbook Consent for Kids: Grade K-2.Preventing sexual assault at this age begins with understanding that most assaults against young children do not happen at the first opportunity. Most victims are groomed for it. Giving children the tools to enforce their own boundaries can stop an assault before it is ever attempted. As children mature, the concepts of respect will transfer to how they treat others. By defining what is and isn’t appropriate and imprinting these ideas on the minds of children as they mature, we will be raising a generation that is less likely to perpetrate these types of crimes.The truth is that everyone is at risk to become a victim or perpetrator of sexual violence. We don’t shy away from telling our kids not to murder or steal. In this same way, we need to teach our children not to harass or assault others. And that starts with understanding what constitutes as assault. This workbook uses activities and pictures to explore empathy and boundaries. With age appropriate examples, students will examine the idea of consent and how to recognize it.

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